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Smith J P126573 ADLT 02 Assignment Submission Understanding Organisational Culture J Sainsbury’s plc – Waterstones Introduction Organisational Culture is at the heart of every company large and small, only by understanding a company’s culture through analysing its traditions, habits and perspectives can you fully grasp what holds the organisation together. There are many types of organisational culture and it is widely thought that the idea of culture can be a highly complex and intricate subject. In order to fully digest organisational culture we must take a look at various simplified models that tend to focus on classifying culture by focusing on elements of the idea of culture. The elements of culture can be described as the specific collection of values and norms that are shared by people and groups in an organisation (Hill, 2001). The core values and beliefs of an organisation, passed from old members to new, help create and nurture the very culture in which we work. An organisation without a defined culture and identity within the market place would ultimately find it difficult to determine its strategy and direction, vital for success. There is a clear connection between culture and strategy and the underlying assumption is that good strategy will result in business success as highlighted in 2006 by Dick Clark, CEO of Merck who noted that… “………you can have a good strategy in place but if you don’t have the culture and the enabling systems that allow you to successfully implement that strategy, the culture of the organisation will defeat the strategy” Understanding an organisations culture and characteristics and why they matter to a particular organisation will aid any manager in taking the company forward through new and reformed strategies. The demise of a company could solely lie in the employees not fully

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