Organisational Behaviour Essay

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 nAme surname reg no   kudzai katsamba c13121567k   tafadzwa zihumo c13121282n   nyasha mutorogodo c13121607l    programme: bsebm level: 2.1 Introduction Organisational behaviour is a tool that is very essential towards the development of the organisation. The world today is proving to be turf and it needs a management that is really flexible in terms of dealing with the organisational behaviour. An organisation is comprised of elements like individual, groups and the organisational as a whole. So the behaviour of these elements affects the organisation in one way or the other. This essay is going to take a look at the import ants of these elements as well as the demerits. Therefore there is need to define some key terms which are of relevance to the organisation. Organisational behaviour According to Mullins (2005) organizational behaviour is concerned with the study of the behaviour of people within an organizational setting it involves the understanding, prediction and control of human behaviour. According to Sweeney and McFarling (2002) organizational behaviour examines how and why people act, think and feel in corporate and other organization setting. Organizational behaviour is the study of how individuals and groups perform together within an organization. It focuses on the best way to manage individuals, groups, organizations, and processes. Organizational behaviour is an extensive topic and includes management, theories and practices of motivation, and the fundamentals of organizational structure and design. Individual According to Martin and Fellenz (2010) individuals are the basic building blocks of organization and are the source of any action and behaviour that occurs in organizations. Each and every individual have a different view about things hence different personalities. Personalities differ by nature that is by

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