Organisational Behaviour Essay

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ORGANISATIONAL BEHAVIOUR Table of Contents Introduction: 3 Activity 1 3 Effective leadership behavior theory and practices: 3 1.1 Evaluation of the leadership theories: 3 1.2 Impact of the managerial style on organizational effectiveness: 4 1.3 Motivational theories can inform employee motivation: 5 1.4 Theories relating to work relationship and interaction 6 Activity 2 6 Impact of Organizational structures and culture on the effectiveness of the organization: 6 2.1 Characteristics of different organizational structures: 6 2.2 Importance of organizational culture theory in developing organizational effectiveness: 7 2.3 Impact of structure and culture on organizational effectiveness: 8 2.4 Innovations and creativity of the organizations: 8 Activity 3 9 Analysis of the culture and structure of BUPA and evaluation of how they impact on its effectiveness: 9 3.1 Organizational structure and culture of BUPA: 9 3.2 Evaluation of the impacts of culture and structure on organizational effectiveness: 9 a) Impacts on learning in BUPA: 9 b) The effectiveness of team working in BUPA: 9 c) The effective management of change in BUPA: 10 Activity 4 10 Organizational decision making: 10 4.1 Approaches to organizational decision making 10 4.2 Approaches to risk and uncertainty in decision making: 11 4.3 The effectiveness of organizational decisions in a specific organization: 11 Connclusion: 12 References: 13 Introduction: Organizational behavior (OB) is that branch of study, through which the people think, act, feel within the organization and it also evaluates the activity excuting within the organization, its culture, structure, which helps to enhance the organizational effectiveness (Brooks, 2008). The current study regarding organizational behavior

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