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------------------------------------------------- Organisations & Behaviour Assignment 2 7th June 2013 CONTENTS Introduction 3 Motivation at Jaguar 4 Leadership at Jaguar 7 Groups/Teams at Jaguar 11 Culture change at Jaguar 14 Evidences of change at Jaguar 18 Conclusion 19 List of references 20 INTRODUCTION This report is based on the case study entitled ‘JAGUAR’ and will outline the theoretical approach of culture change in relation to the JAGUAR case study. Jaguar is renowned as being a prestigious car manufacturer globally. The brand is synonymous with luxury and the top end of the market with in the car industry. The first part of this report will discuss the different motivational theories and how those theories might influence the workforce during the period of culture change at Jaguar. The report will then identify different leadership styles and the impact they will have on the future of Jaguar. The author will then describe and analyze the behaviour of groups/teams and what effect they have on a productive team. The report will then outline the factors which could possibly have a negative impact on the company. An examination on how culture change at Jaguar may influence new employees and their initial exposure to the business will also be included. The report will finally evaluate any potential evidence of change at Jaguar. This report will utilize and make reference to secondary sources that are both reliable and relevant. The case study will be referred to constantly throughout the report; this will be portrayed in an italic format. MOTIVATION AT JAGUAR ‘Process or factors that cause people to act or behave in certain ways’ (Cole 1995:119) The above definition suggest that ‘motivation’ is related to the process of identifying the reasons of behaviour, as

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