Organisational Behaviour Essay

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Table of Contents page Introduction 3 LO1 The relationship between organizational structure and culture 1.1 The difference and similarities of organizational structure and culture 4-9 1.2 The impact an Organization Structure and Culture on the performance of a business 9-10 1.3Factor that influence the behavior of individuals at work 11-12 LO2 Understand different approaches to management and leadership 12-13 2.1Compare the effectiveness of different leadership styles in different organization 13-14 2.1 (b) The effectiveness of two different leadership styles using specific organizations 14-15 2.2 How organizational theory underpins the practice of management 16 2.3 Evaluate the different approaches to management used by different organizations 16-17 LO3 Understand ways of using motivational theories in organization 17 3.1 The impact that different leadership styles may have on motivation in organizing in period off change 17-18 3.2 The application of Maslow’s motivational theory within the workplace 18 3.3 The usefulness of a motivation theory for managers using real organizational examples 19 3.3 (b) Apply two motivational theory in a work place 19-21 LO4 Understand mechanism for developing effective teamwork in organizations 4.1 Explain the nature of groups and groups behaviour with organizations 22 4.2 Discuss factors that may promote of inhibit the development of effective teamwork in organization 22 4.2 (b) Examples by reference 23 4.3 Evaluate the impact of technology on team functioning with a given organization 23-24 Conclusion 25 References 25-26 TASK 1 INTRODUCTION Every organisation must have a structure. It is important for the employees to know who to consult when there is a problem and what their role is within the organisation. Organisation structure is very vital to the running of a

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