Organisational Behaviour Essay

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REALITY CATCHES UP WITH AUSSIECO The case Reality catches with Aussieco depicts the fall in performance of the company despite holding competitive advantages in form of unique product. The fall in market share from 90% to 60% gives an idea about the failure of management to coordinate and motivate the activities of the work force. The senior management of Aussieco has failed to recognize the basic workplace requirements of its employees, which in turn has resulted in the decrease of the quality of its workforce. A manufacturing unit located on the outskirts of Melbourne has a location advantage resulting from the abundance of unskilled labor in the area. The case study shows that the management focused on cost cutting measures, whereas the work force were left astray due to the lack of communication between senior management and employees at the ground level. The day to day activities of the company was in the hands of Executive managing director and the general manger who were good partners in playing golf. ”HR Professionals have always rated ‘ relationship with management’ among the top five contributors to job satisfaction. Effective communication between senior management and employees is important. It will help employees understand the organizations business goals, policies and vision, and keep employees informed about what is going on in organization. Senior management can keep employees well informed through company wide meetings and the use of technology in top-to-bottom communications. (e.g., CEO blog , intranet mechanisms and e-mails). Organizations should also encourage communication from the bottom-up through employee feedback, suggestions. Etc. “ ( Satis_SR_Exec_Sum.pdf) The general manager refused to take steps to improve working conditions. He

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