Organisational Behaviour Essay

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Contents Introduction Page 3 Communication Page 3 Motivation Page 6 Organizational change Page 8 Conclusion Page 11 References & Bibliography Page 12 Introduction In today’s modern world, there are thousands of organizations competing amongst each other. For an organization to be able to compete successfully, it is important that it is operated efficiently and works at its full capacity. In order to do this an enterprise has to be able to put forward its ideas clearly and flawlessly, while having a motivational effect on its employees, which are known as organization’s most valuable assets. In this essay I intend to discuss the theories of communication, motivation and organizational change, which are widely used by the majority of modern managers. Each of these theories has advantages as well as disadvantages which I will point out while applying each of these theories to a real life case study. Communication is one of the most important key skills any business must learn, without an effective communication it will not be able to stay in touch and control the correct flow of information. Motivation is the desire to achieve beyond expectations, being driven by internal rather than external factors, and to be involved in continuous striving for improvement. It is important, because without motivation employees will not work at their full capacity, thus not allowing the business to succeed. Change in an organization can be described as the process through which all or some of the business activities are amended, i.e. creation of new departments and move towards new technology. Change is crucial to manage as nowadays the business environment constantly changes and in order for a firm to keep up with the competition it has to be able to welcome shift. Communication Communication is the process by which

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