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ORGANISATIONAL BEHAVIOUR Introduction According to Buchanan and Huczynski (2010), organisational behaviour focuses on the formation, rationale and performance of an organisation in addition to analysing the behaviours of the people who work within. Sometimes in order to understand and address varying situations which take place within an organisation, it may be useful to apply theories derived from various disciplines such as sociology, organisational theory and psychology which can help provide analytical techniques so that other perspectives can be viewed (Robbins 2000). Thereby providing a systematic approach to managing and organising the members of the team, which can aid in improving the organisations working conditions and the level of services provided. The main focus of this essay is the aspect of leadership within an organisation; this essay will identify a scenario, which focuses primarily on the leadership style of a new sister who takes charge of a department (see appendix 1). Method This essay will explore how observing a new team leader from one community department was appointed in charge of a new community department where she implemented changes that were not conducive to the current staff because they had worked within this department for numerous years without changes occurring (see appendix 1). This situation was highlighted to show how quickly team collaboration can deteriorate if situations are not addressed by implementing tools which could potentially alter the outcome; therefore this essay will explore tools which could be implemented to achieve a better outcome thereby improving the services available and partnerships among the department. Discussion The organisational behaviour of the National Health Service (NHS) is constantly changing in order to provide better patient care however this often faces an array of challenges,

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