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UNIT I : UNDERSTANDING ORGANISATION BEHAVIOUR NATURE AND SCOPE OF OB Organizational Behaviour is concerned with the understanding, prediction and control of human behaviour in organizations. It focuses on the individuals, the groups and the organization and also on their interactional relationships. It is the study and application of knowledge about how people act with organizations. It is a human tool for human benefit. It applies broadly to the behaviour of people in all types of organizations. Wherever organizations are, there is a need to understand organizational behaviour. Features (Characteristics) of OB 1. OB is a part of general management and not the whole of management. It represents behavioural approach to management. 2. OB contains a body of theory, research and application associated with a growing concern for people at the work place. It helps in understanding human behaviour in work organizations. 3. OB is a human tool for human benefit. It helps in predicting the behaviour of individuals. 4. OB is inter-disciplinary field of study. It tries to synthesize knowledge drawn from various behavioural and social sciences such as Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Political-science, Economics, etc. In fact, OB is an applied behavioural sciences. 5. OB involves three levels of analysis of behaviour-individual behaviour, group behaviour and behaviour of the organization itself. 6. OB is an action-oriented and goal-directed discipline. It provides a rational thinking about people and their behaviour 7. OB is both a science and an art. The systematic knowledge about human behaviour is a science. The application of behvioural knowledge and skills clearly leans towardss being an art. 8. OB seeks to fulfil both employees’ needs and organizational objectives. Scope of OB The scope of OB may be

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