Organisational Behavior Essay

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LEADERSHIP COMMUNICATION AND EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT. Worldwide organisations are changing. The world is becoming smaller due to technological developments and advances in communication and transport. Companies are working in a global market where day to day business operation is more competitive, and companies are expecting and demanding efficiency and effectiveness, resulting in increasing profit. Therefore, nowadays it is not to be complacent. It is essential to grow and develop, being the differential factor to become successful companies. For the above reasons business schools, researchers and organisations are in search of the factors that influence a work environment high productivity and therefore profit. This search has developed two interesting concepts that are the focus of this paper: leadership communication and employee engagement. Consequently, the purpose of this essay is to understand the relation between the two concepts, and how leadership communication can lead to employees engagement. Firstly, it is important to define the concepts of employee engagement and leadership communication. Secondly, driver factors that promote and assist the employee engagement are analysed. Thirdly, some strategies that can be applied to maintenance the employee engagement are examined. The implications that leadership communication has in employee engagement and their develop into the companies are immense, but to comprehend its entailment, it is crucial to know and understand its meanings. According to Baldoni, Leadership communication is based in how the leaders are able to built and transmit messages that are ingrained with the organisational culture and its values. Through these messages a trustful work environment and transformation is generated in those involved, in this case the employees. Therefore, they can be easily committed and engaged with the

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