Organisation Performance Indicators Essay

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Managerial effectiveness is a leader’s ability to achieve desired results. How well he applies his skills and abilities in guiding and directing others determines whether he can meet those results effectively. If he can, his achievements are poised to help the organization gain a competitive edge against rival organizations heading into the future. Gauging Managerial Effectiveness Managerial effectiveness is gauged by the results a leader achieves. Results are generally believed to be influenced by the organization’s established culture. A good leader must adapt to the organization’s culture and make sure her skills are aligned with organizational goals in order to achieve positive results. The Skills of an Effective Manager A manager has a combination of technical, people and conceptual skills that can make him an effective leader, according to theoretical models of leadership. People skills include the ability to work well with others, motivate workers, resolve conflicts, delegate roles and communicate objectives clearly. Managerial Effectiveness vs. Efficiency Technical skills include specialized training, skilled performance of specific tasks, expertise in a specific field or industry and the ability to apply specialized knowledge to tasks and objectives. Conceptual skills are broader and more self-actualized. They include the ability to see the organization in the context of its industry, the ability to understand how each part of the organization functions as a whole, the ability to visualize a future course of action based on current organizational and industry trends, the ability to analyze and diagnose complex situations and the ability to understand the interrelationships at work in the organization. Achieving Results Senior management is responsible for identifying the core competencies of the organization and making sure those competencies are

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