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How to deal with the poor inter-departmental communication The determination of a business lives or dies depends on how people exchange the information which they gain outside (Schutz and Bloch, 2006). Excellent dialogue between the variousof departments result in a well reaction in organisations. However, many employees do not understand the sense why they work in their current companies definitely (Mazutis and Slawinski, 2008). The lack of explanation leads to less communication to other employees. The issue of how to communication well to other department have confused managers for a long time. The phenomenon in this series does significant harm to the effectiveness and efficiency of an organisation (Schutz and Bloch, 2006). Firstly, this essay will analyse why poor inter-departmental communication occurred. Then, the impart of poor inter-departmental communication will be examined. This essay will analyse the issue from two parts: company’ perspective and personal perspective. Finally, methods and approaches are put forward to help improving knowledge sharing and learning. One of the reason lead to poor inter-departmental communication is value chain (Schutz and Bloch, 2006). Due to the diversity of different aims, boundaries are generated by several negative conversations in daily life. Every individual department have their unique profit. Mazutis and Slawinski (2008) assert that the employees work for a specific department want to gain more benefit from their departmental managers such as promotion and trust. They see the information as most valuable asset of the work. In their opinion, in the valuable information flow to other employees which from different department, they will lose their position. Tourish and Hargie (2004) point out that there are several meeting in a company every day. The goals and demands are extraordinary. Employees hardly

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