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ORGANISATION Organisation is a very important concept of Public Administration. Every administration involves efforts of a number of people to achieve certain objectives or goals. While doing so, there is a need for co-operation among the people and plans should be organised in such a way that the prescribed goals are achieved. Organisation as such refers to structure making and planning of administrative machinery and provide for the essential infrastructure so that each individual is capable of performing his/her functions or responsibilities through co-operation with the other members to achieve the desired objectives. Thus, the success and failure of public administration to a large extent is determined by the organisation of an administration. Definition: A number of definitions of organisation have been attempted by different thinkers on public administration. Some of such definitions are given below- 1. L.D.White: “Organisation is the arrangement of personnel for the accomplishments of some agreed purpose through allocation of functions and responsibilities.” 2. J.D.Mooney: “Organisation is the form of every human association for the attainment of common purpose.” 3. Milward: “Organisation structure is a pattern of interrelated posts connected by line of delegated authority.” 4. J.M.Pfiffner: “Organisation consists of the relationships of individual to individual and of group to groups which are so related as to bring about an orderly division of labour.” 5. Leusberg and Sprinegal: “Organisation is the structural relationship between various factors in an enterprise.” I. TYPES/ FORMS OF ORGANISATION Organisation in an administration is of two types- a) Formal Organisation, and b) Informal Organisation a) Formal Organisation: This type of organisation is based on the mechanistic approach of organisation.

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