Organic Products Essay

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Executive summary Based on the analysis of our research, we found that there is a significant relation between good looking packaging and brand preference of organic products, as well as between the more information in the media about organic products and increasing the interest in organic products as well as we found some attributes that are important a need for more assortment of organic products in the market and more accessibility in the market for specific age levels as well as the sustainability of a better taste. We see a potential opportunity for Isis to expand their market share and enter new markets and so we recommend that they work on the taste of their products, increasing consumers' knowledge about organic food, intensify their distribution of products in the market as well as having more assortments for their products to match the needs of specific age levels. Problem Definition "As a business development manager I am always concerned with the organic industry in Egypt and I am always keen on being updated with any news about the organic industry, any competitors' events or any new technology, update or development that takes place in the organic industry field whether in Egypt or worldwide because it is very hard to have an organic industry here in Egypt." Dr. Thomas Aboueleish, Business Development Manager ISIS Company. "Few years ago we had a fall in sales due to media propaganda against organic products as there are other companies that pretended to sell organic products while in fact they are non-organic products which made the organic products lose its credibility especially that many do not know what is the difference between the organic
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