Organic Foods Marketing - An Indian Case Essay

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PRODUCT MARKET Healthy & Safe Organic Food for children POTENTIAL CUSTOMER NEEDS Tasty and healthy food free of chemicals to keep children safe from nasty effects ( Rational and emotional appeal) Consume and promote environmental friendly food products ( Moral appeal) SUB- MARKETS Baby Food, Food for growing children DETERMINING VARIABLES Nutritious Ingredients, Safe, Chemical free Healthy,fosters physical and mental growth CONSUMER CHARACTERSTICS Health Conscious Upwardly mobile and wants to provide the best to their children Geographic: Urban, Centered around posh localities of the top 25 cities in India Demographic: Young 25-40 age group, small family, educated, high income group mothers Psychographic: Upwardly mobile, Children in good schools, Shops at modern retail stores, trendy, well informed, has dish tv, visits heath clubs, gyms, beauty parlours Behavioral: Looks to provide the best for the children, is conscious of the environment Positioning will be on two basic dimensions: Chemical free & Healthy Growth for children and on two additional dimensions of Credibility(Certified) and Environmental friendly. The brand will focus on educating young mothers how they can ensure safe and healthy children using our products and also promote environment consciousness PLC based situation analysis. Product is in the introduction stage implying consumer education is required. Early adopters in the market will have to be targeted. An added dimension that doesn’t augur well for the category is the confusion between Natural and organic foods and the lack of mandatory certification. At this stage the efforts will be to stimulate demand, with no expectation of generating short term profits. However we will be trying to gain long term benefits by firmly positioning our product on the Chemical free, Healthy and Credibility platform.

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