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Organic Foods (OF) Good For You, Or Just A Hoax? I chose organic food because I want to know once and for all what the big deal in foods raised organically is. The questions in my head are: Is organic food healthier? Do organic foods have more nutritional vitamins essential to growth? What are the health benefits to having an organic enriched diet? If consumers are tricked into purchasing such items with the same nutrition but with a higher price, the retailers are the ones that are winning and not the consumer. The issue of researching organic food is because people have the tendency to think nutritional and organic go hand in hand. Organic does not mean it is the best or “nutritious.” Since the 1990’s, organic foods (OF) have become a household must have. Sales have sky rocketed making the annual average of 24% and not to mention its shares. Today people can have organic foods all the time as they are well stocked in small grocery stores and in the leading supermarket giants. “The food industry has responded to this increased demand by offering a wider range of quality- differentiated products (Frazao and Allhouse1996). Not only are there the regular organic products, but the expansion has made its way into baby food products, dairy, meats and easy prepared convenience meals. Now that the United States Department of Agriculture is involved in the organic food market, the people will know if they are indeed better for you or just a waste of money. The term organic is conduced of no observed pesticides, synthetic chemicals and other techniques used to enhance the crops. Studies show that consumers label genetically modified foods (GMF) to be ‘bad’ and OF ‘good’ (Koivisto Hursti and Magnusson, 2003). Consumer acceptances for GM foods are and need to be supported by people with higher education. Knowledge about the GM foods helps its consumer’s

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