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Organic fertilizer and Chemical fertilizer Essay

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Nowadays, agriculture is an occupation that many people in the world earn it for living. For the increase in amount of agriculture areas, it makes the agriculturists compete with another for the best crop for sale in the market. The technology becomes a main function for improve the better products. Fertilizer is one of technology which is important for agriculturist; fertilizers are added to soil to supply essential elements to the growth of plants. The most common fertilizers are organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer. Both of them can make the plants luxuriating growth and help the plants to improve their fruits. Four main aspects comparing these two fertilizers are the component, the process of plant for fed, the available for plant and the disadvantages.
The first major different between organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer is the component. For Their component, they are absolutely different. The organic fertilizers are made from the organic matter or living organisms. Animal manure, compost, bone meal and blood meal can be the organic fertilizers to provide the nutrients for the plants. The caution from Sara William said that you should avoid using pig, dog or cat waste because they have internal parasitic worms which can be harmful to people. For the chemical fertilizers or inorganic fertilizers, they are made from the nonliving matter. For example, rock, minerals, or synthetic materials like an ammonium sulfate fertilizer. Although the organic fertilizers and chemical fertilizers are quite different, the major nutrients of them are the same. There are nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) which are needed by plants. The total NPK of the chemical fertilizers is more than the organic fertilizers. For the NPK of chemical fertilizers are not needed by plants but the NPK in organic fertilizers are all useful for soil. Soil uses NPK to improve the structure for increase the ability to hold water and nutrients.
In case of the process of...

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