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------------------------------------------------- Marketing Research on Green Apparel Rachel Gebhardt [Date] [Company name] [Company address] [Date] [Company name] [Company address] Table of Contents Type chapter title (level 1)1 Type chapter title (level 2)2 Type chapter title (level 3)3 Type chapter title (level 1)4 Type chapter title (level 2)5 Type chapter title (level 3)6 Introduction As the world changes, the market for consumers change, as well. At the beginning of the century fashion was full of shinny pants, halter tops, and plenty of other dated fashion trends but they all had one thing in common: unethical production materials. These production materials include the use of unorganic silk, wool, and especially cotton. A short ten years later, consumers are increasingly more environmentally conscious and organically friendly which means that their clothing must hold the same principles. Unlike the beginning of the century, the organic industry is now booming with higher demand from consumers. Consumers, nowadays, strive to be more environmentally friendly and this “green” trend started with consumers purchasing organic fruits and vegetables. This is evident when you compare the growth rate of organics from the beginning of production in the 1980s. Since that time, the organic industry has experienced a 3,400 percent increase in sales. The sales include “$35 billion in the U.S and $63 billion worldwide.” More information about the growth of the organic apparel industry will be found later in this report. This goes to show the increase in demand for the organics direct affect how much the demand for organic apparel is necessary. Essentially, the “[b]rand’s and retailer’s adoption of organic cotton combined with consumer purchases have made the call loud and clear; organic is in demand”. What Makes Cotton Organic Cotton, the main

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