Organic and Conventional Foods Essay

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A recent health revolution has sparked an interest in organic foods. The high price tag of organic foods has also lead people to do a comparison. They are comparing the differences between organic and conventional foods.They primarily look at the way they grow and how this affects the nutritional value of the product. This research will help the general public decide if organic foods really are worth the high price tag. In the past twenty years the sales of conventional foods has risen significantly. Back when it was first introduced many people didn't even know what it was and that organic farming was getting ready to be replaced. The growth of conventional food has grown in the billions and makes up for most of food sales. This has to do with the income of many of america which nowhere near enough for people to buy all organic foods. As the 21st century goes on we see a change in people. We see that they are willing to pay the price for organic foods because now they are starting to realize how their food choices not only affect them but their environment. It all starts in a farm and how the the farmer grows his crop. The organic method uses natural fertilizers to grow the plants. However the conventional method not only uses cow manure but sometimes uses human feces as a fertilizer. This may transmit disease through the produce and get you sick. The use of pesticides in conventional farming is very heavy which sometimes causes the produce to still have some of the chemicals on it after it harvested. Organic foods only use pesticides that come from natural sources and even go as far as to use insects and animals to do the safekeeping. The way that animals grow is also very different in these two methods. The conventional farmer will not let his livestock outdoors and will only feed them corn which will fattened them up faster. A farmer following the

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