Organ Transplantation Essay

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Organ transplanatation: Pro’s, cons and ethical issues. Organ transplantation has been a controversial subject since the day the first organ was removed. Many religions considered it being blasphemy, as in ‘interfering with god’s creation’. A disease was seen as a punishment by God, you should just deal with it. The last century, organ transplantation evolved from experiments into routine operations. Religions began accepting the act of removing organs, and governments started to invest into organisations taking care of the transplantations. All these developments were very beneficial for the persons suffering of certain diseases which could be cured by transplantation. People suffering from for example liver disease, could now get a healthy liver, which could help curing their disease, or even completely taking care of it. But these sudden developments also caused a problem that is still a problem in present day. The demand exceeds the supply with enormous numbers. There are way more people asking for an organ than there are people making their organs available after death. This results into long waiting lists. People enlisted on these lists sometimes die because they had to wait too long to be helped. Governments nowadays invest a lot into campaigns to inform people about organ transplantation and what they can do. Five years ago, a Dutch program was the centre of attention. They created a TV show, called ‘De Grote Donorshow’ in were there was a woman willing to give away her organs, but she has to choose from one of the three candidates. All the candidates suffered from a disease, and they would die if they weren’t helped soon. They were also enlisted on the waiting lists, but those were too long to be helpful. Media all over the world spoke about this TV show, and many people found this too controversial and disrespectful. At the end of the show, the
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