Organ Trade Essay

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Organ trade is the trade involving inner organs such as the liver, kidney and heart of a human for transplantation. The intention of organ transplants when first practiced was to help the ill to return to a healthy lifestyle. Today, however, organ transplants have collided with public beliefs. They are now part of business trade. The trading of organs is a highly controversial issue. The recent revelation of illegal kidney sale in Singapore has sparked media-wide discussion and debate on organ trading and also the relevance of the current Human Organ Transplant Act (HOTA), according to which, it is a criminal offence to sell or buy an organ. Legalization of organ trade would lead to many misusing their freedom and behaving avariciously. Hence, organ trade should not be legalized. Many would argue that organ trade should be legalized for there is a worldwide shortage of organs available for transplantation. However, according to Ivan Illich, an Austrian philosopher, there is not a real shortage of organs, but "excess and wasted" organs. Scarcity only exists for some groups of people, those who were denied the organs, and those who could not afford them. Thus, there is not a need for organ trade. Legalization of organ trade would also end up in many misusing the right to gain maximum benefits for themselves. For instance, before legislation was passed in 1994, several problems began surfacing in India, a once successful legal market in organ trading. In some cases, patients were unaware a kidney transplant procedure even took place. This clearly illustrates that if organ trade were to be legalized, it would be abused, exploited, and would leave many defrauded. One of the main reasons why organ trade should not be legalized is that it would severely exploit the poor. The price ceiling for organ trade is zero dollars. Those suffering from extreme poverty would

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