Organ Sales Will Save Lives

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Organ Sales Will Save Lives by Joanna Mackay In the essay Organ sales will save lives by Joana Mackay, Mackay states how the legalization of selling human organs will help to save thousands of lives. Mackay is based on the fact that this will benefit not only the person receiving the organ, but also would help receive money for it. People are waiting for an organ transplant that could save their lives, but due to “laws” that leave out the option of donating organs, these people are usually condemned to death as they wait on a list of donors or a death person to extract the organ they need. Governments “Should not ban the sale of human organs, they should regulate it”(92). She explains how in the third world countries they are illegal organs, trades and people are willing to sell an organ for proximity of $1000. Mackay reasons of supporting the idea of legalizing organ transplants is that organ donations would let the person receiving the organ to live a longer and healthier life with a healthy organ, and the donor will receive an appropriate amount of money that will be supported by a contract. Having the government legalizing this medical process, the donor will be safe and have less chance of opportunity to appeal to the black market and quality of medical work. There are over 60,000 people on the waiting list for kidneys, and it takes an average of 10 years for your waiting to end. Some of the positive views of going through the black market is that the patient do not have to go to the process of paper work and the worst part, they are not put in the waiting list and lets see what happens. “About 35000 Americans are suffering from end-stage renal disease” (92). So why don’t let them choose if they want to purchase or wait for a kidney. Whit todays government system and laws, there is no motive to make someone want to donate their organs expecting that
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