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Organ Donation Essay

  • Submitted by: haneenjundi
  • on January 20, 2013
  • Category: English
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Hello everybody. As Tom Hanks said in the film Forest Gump” Life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you’re going to get”.   This is so true because we never let the rivers in our mind flow to the thoughts of how we will end up dying.   Today I will be talking to you about the importance of organ donation.   I’ll start off by giving you a few thoughts to take in and think about.   Imagine that a loved one has been severely injured in a car accident; the injuries include brain trauma, broken bones and the loss of two liters of blood that your friend is in desperate need of. Your blood type matches, put yourself at the scene of the accident put yourself in the hospital waiting room anticipating news from the doctors hoping that your friend will survive.   What would you say when the doctor approaches you and tells you that in order to save your friends life you must donate blood.   Now hold that thought, now you were in the car, however you were not as lucky as your friend.   “Bang” you are now a victim taken by the car crash.   Wouldn’t you still hope to save a friends life, as your last wish.   Wouldn’t you give any other organ necessary for your friend’s survival?   Your heart, your kidneys, your liver.   It’s a matter of life and death.   If you had put on your drivers license or carried some other means to communicate your decision to be an organ donor, your friends life could have been saved.   Does your driver’s license put you as an organ donor.   Upon encountering the subject much negative effect is attached to the implications of organ donation?   The reality is as we all know that we are not invincible and some day every book of life will come to an end.   The act of organ donation is a significantly compassionate and humane choice for a person to make.   Organ donation is a subject that affects all of us but it is largely misunderstood. I will attempt to clarify the situation with some compelling facts about organ donation.   Doctors remark transplantation as...

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