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Review Test 8/20/13 7:23 PM BUS5450 - Organizational Behavior Term: Summer 2 2013 | Student Access: 7.1.2013 12:00 AM EDT - 8.25.2013 11:59 PM EDT | Section: 3 Test Review - Sarah White Your test grade is 95% The professor has configured this test to allow students to review: Questions answered incorrectly. Questions answered correctly. Students answers. Correct answers. QUESTION: 1 [QUESTION BANK ID: 20809] TYPE: TRUE FALSE CORRECT Giving good feedback can help “teach” new behavior: A B True False QUESTION: 2 [QUESTION BANK ID: 83509] TYPE: MULTIPLE CHOICE CORRECT Actions people take to try to control how others perceive them is called: A B C D Interdependence Interactional justice Impression management A diversionary tactic QUESTION: 3 [QUESTION BANK ID: 126243] TYPE: MULTIPLE CHOICE CORRECT An equivocal problem is one where: A B C D There are multiple subjective points of view about a solution All solutions are of equal value There is a single correct answer to solving it It is programmable QUESTION: 4 [QUESTION BANK ID: 10042] TYPE: MULTIPLE CHOICE Page 1 of 5 Review Test 8/20/13 7:23 PM CORRECT Rude, discourteous behavior at work is called: A B C D Harassment Disruption Organizational citizenship behavior Incivility QUESTION: 5 [QUESTION BANK ID: 74953] TYPE: MULTIPLE CHOICE CORRECT Behavioral influences from rewards or punishments are: A B C D Classical conditioning. Operant conditioning. Ineffective in terms of gaining compliance. Effective in changing attitudes. QUESTION: 6 [QUESTION BANK ID: 53585] TYPE: TRUE FALSE CORRECT As people interact they tend to become increasingly cohesive, where their ideas become increasingly congruent. A

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