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Name: Ding Instructor’s name: Joyce Course: Writing Date: 16th, October, 2012 Should the organ trade be legal? In recent years, organ trade was in a great boom over the world. Organ transplant brought us much welfare, but part of people got organs through illegal means, which produced negative effects. Human organ transplant imbalanced between supply and demand are global, especially China. Almost 1.5 million people needed organ transplant because of multiple organ failure in China each year, but donors are few. Therefore, this phenomenon resulted in illegal organ trade. Firstly, the shortage of organ donate has forced living transplant. And living transplant comes at the cost of blood, pain, health and death. Secondly, huge organ gap made black market more rampant. Criminal gangs are illegal to buy or sell organs. Thirdly, organ trade breeds ‘false relatives’ and ‘true sale’ cases, which resulted in the universality of false authentication and corrupt doctors. Finally, some foreigners plant renal via traveling, and China becomes first choice. Moreover, the illicit organ trade is detrimental to vulnerable groups. No matter what they are voluntary or forced, it is a kind of harm. It is value of that patients saved their life by organ transplant. Organ transplant improves the success rate of diseases treatment. At the same time, some people are free to donate their organs, which obtain the appreciation of others. Legal organ trade can build a harmonious society. Take into account what has been discussed above, I am convinced that organ trade is legal within certain legal bounds. Government should lead and educate citizens, and increase the awareness of donation. Additionally, they set legal and safe ways for organ procurement. And limited organs should be distributed

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