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Orgainization Essay

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TO:   Professor Gordon, Vice President
DATE: October 13, 2013
SUBJECT: New Belgium Brewing (B): Developing a Brand Personality

Purpose & Overview

The following report highlights our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, based on our SWOT analysis. (Exhibit 1)   From this analysis we can see the areas of concern and the areas where growth is just around the corner.   Other areas that we need to capitalize on are highlighted with the understanding that utilizing the recommended marketing strategies will guide us in taking advantage of each piece of information uncovered, whether it be good or bad.   The marketing strategies that are recommended are the positioning and against-competitor positioning strategies.

Summary of Our Past & Current Situations

Even during hard economic times, beer drinkers are very brand and taste loyal.   The beer industry is not one that will ever face having to dissolve unless federal law would prevent the manufacturing of the product.     ‘With the population of legal age persons drinking beer, this industry is not one that faces extinction, but even with the wide popularity of beer, the beer industry has faced the challenge of producing a beer that suits the newest generation of drinkers that have an overall preference for wine or beer that is not a standard beer’.   (Baker, 2013)   Here at New Belgium, maintain our focus on our core values shows that we are a company that is unique, environmentally friendly and socially.   An analysis of our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats brings attention to the areas that we can capitalize on and what areas are in need of improvement.   Based on this analysis, we believe that the company can utilize the marketing strategies recommended and continue to grow and succeed in our industry.

External Opportunities We Could Exploit
  * To effectively power a greenhouse that is self-sustaining, we could utilize our waste products.
  * Creation of...

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