Orgabisational Behaviour Essay

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Table of Contents Table of Contents2 Introduction4 Expectancy Theory 12 A team is a set of people with a range of different skills that will ideally have objectives that contribute to the overall corporate strategy of the business (The times 100).13 13 Factors Promoting Development of Effective Teamwork in Organisations13 Communication14 Diversity14 Evaluation of the impact of Technology on organisations (LO 4.3) 14 Conclusion 14 Bibliography14 Guy’s and St Thomas Hospital17 John Lewis Partnership17 Organisational Culture18 CONCLUSION19 Bibliography19 Executive Summary This report is for the principal of City College, Mr Wakefield as they are preparing to take over Abbey College, a college that, due to recession, it went into administration. It will start with a comparison between different organisational structures and cultures and will continue with an explanation on how the relationship between structure and culture can impact performance in a company. I will discuss the factors which influence individual behavior at work. I will also compare the effectiveness of different leadership styles and will discuss the impact of these styles may have in organisations. I will continue with explaining how organizational theory underpins the practice of management and I will evaluate different approaches to management used by different organisations and will compare the application of different motivational theories within the workplace. I will also carry out an evaluation of the usefulness of a motivation theory for managers. To conclude I will explain the nature of groups and group behaviour in organisations and will discuss factors that may promote or inhibit the development of effective teamwork. I will also evaluate the impact of technology on team functioning within the organisation. IntroductionCity College, following the

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