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ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERSHIP What can I do with this Major? AREAS GENERAL BUSINESS Management Sales Marketing Insurance: Sales, Claims, and Underwriting Banking Human Resources EMPLOYERS Retail stores Hotels and restaurants Banks and other financial institutions Insurance companies Government agencies Nonprofit organizations Self-employment STRATEGIES Gain leadership experience through participation in student organizations. Get hands-on experience in area of interest through part-time and summer jobs or internships. Develop a career direction and convey area of interest to employers. -For more information about salary, job outlook and general descriptions: NON-PROFIT Development Volunteer Coordination Programming Administration Community agencies Healthcare organizations Private foundations Volunteer in community development projects or with an organization of interest. Take on leadership roles in campus organizations. Learn how to administer a budget through coursework or volunteering. Develop planning skills. Obtain an internship in fund-raising or related field.For more information about salary, job outlook and general descriptions: Obtain a law degree. Join a debate team and participate in mock trial. Take courses in employment law, conflict management, and labor relations. Gain experience with mediation. .-For more information about salary, job outlook and general descriptions: LAW Arbitration and Mediation Labor Relations Employment Law Law firms Large corporations Government agencies Public interest legal agencies INDUSTRIAL/ORGANIZATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY Organizational Development Assessment and Evaluation Personnel Selection Performance Appraisal Job Analysis Individual Development Labor Relations Ergonomics Teaching Research Consulting firms Educational

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