Oresteia and Hamlet, Comparison

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Trabajo individual Kyeongil Cho(Intercambio de Corea de sur) M05737883 Comparison between Oresteia between Hamlet Simple stories of Orestes and Hamlet. Story of Orestes : While Agamemnon went to Troy with Greek military for the war, Aegisthos tempted Agamemnon’s wife Clytemnestre and planned to kill Agamemnon. Agamemnon won the war and came back, Clytemnestre killed him and insisted that she had to kill him. Then they started to live together. Orestes had to leave his country, while he was wandering he received oracle from Apollon. Then he came back to make revenge of his father. His sister Electra helped him to kill them. He came into the house of Aegisthos with disguising and killed Aegisthos and Clytemnestre. Then goddess of revenge couldn’t accept it, he had to escape from them. Finally, he arrived to temple of Athens. He faced trial in the temple of Athens for his guilt. The goddess of revenge insisted that he has to be punished because he killed his mother. However Apollon claimed that proper action to make revenge of his father and punish the dirty desire. As they both made sense about their argument, people voted about this situation, they made a tie. Finally goddess of Athens voted for Orestes and he got an acquittal. Story of Hamlet : King Hamlet suddenly died. Queen Gertrude remarried with his brother Claudius and he became a king. Prince Hamlet sighed for remarriage of his mother. Then soul of king Hamlet appeared and told him that he was killed by his brother with a poison. They put the poison into his ear so nobody can see that he was murdered. Hamlet decided to make a revenge of his father. He pretended that he is crazy. Hamlet still wasn’t sure about the soul of his father. Therefore prince Hamlet made a play that king was murdered. He could understand the situation by observing Claudius with this play. As he thought,

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