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Overcoming a hard time and looking back at that hard time as a learning experience is what makes a person strong. Strength is not how many weights you can lift or pounds you can bench, but it is realizing that you have a problem and reaching out for that first step to receive help is also what makes a person strong. In Judith Guest’s Ordinary People the characters show great strength. Conrad is a senior in high school who is going through a hard time. He has lost his only brother in a boating accident, and has just got home from the hospital for trying to commit suicide. He shows his first act of strength when he goes to Doctor Berger just to talk."'I'd like to be more in control, I guess. So people can quit worrying about me'"(Guest, 42). This quote shows that Conrad is ready to take on his own life and be responsible for his own actions which makes him a strong character. Him being able to open up to another person about what he has went through and what he is feelings is self improvement. Self improvement is what makes a character strong because it isn't what you go through that make you strong but how you react to the situation is. Although some may argue Conrad isn't strong because he tried to commit suicide to get away from his problems. The suicide does not make Conrad weak and what he chose to do after and the person he became after he over came the attempted suicide is what makes him strong. Conrad also shows that he is strong because by the end of the book he is able to open up about his problems to someone else besides his doctors and feel comfortable. At this moment Conrad realized that everything will be okay you and that you can overcome a hard time and look back at it as a learning experience instead of looking down on himself. At the beginning of the book Conrad doesn't want to open up to anyone and just wants to be left alone but by the end he

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