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Ordinary People, the Movie Ordinary People is based on a upper class family in 1980 that lived in a suburb of Chicago that was considered wealthy. Ordinary People is a drama where a family deals with the accidental death of the oldest son, their younger son attempts suicide. The death of their son disrupts the family, as the father Calvin and wife Beth are trying to keep their home or family together after son Conrad attempts suicide, because he is struggling with the death of his brother. The story begins with Beth the mother who is very withdrawn, and in denial about their being any kind of problem with Conrad, and at times show anger towards him. Conrad has just come home from a stay at a hospital, after slitting his wrist in his suicide attempt. He returns to school where he is on the swim team and feels very uneasy and tends to withdraw from his friends. Conrad is suffering from guilt at the death of his brother. Conrad goes to counseling sessions with a Dr. Berger and helps him try to understand some of the things he is feeling and dealing with. Calvin, Conrad’s father has gone to see Dr. Berger in an attempt to understand and help Conrad with what he is dealing with. Calvin approaches Beth on night late and talks with Beth about his sadness and tells her that she has changed and he is not sure of his love for her any longer. Beth instead of staying and working through her issues and facing the problem packs her bags and leaves. The movie concludes with Conrad and his father hugging with an emotional embrace on the front steps of their home. In the movie Conrad has several emotional issues that one might say he is dealing with. Guilt, that he survived the accident and his brother did not. His guilt stems from the fact that he was there and his brother died and he could not save him. Conrad blamed himself and felt that he should be dead

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