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Emily Kuropatwinski Throughout life many people struggle in the painful process of searching for their identity. Ordinary People, a novel by Judith Guest, portrays the recovery of Conrad Jarrett after his seventh year old brother, Buck, died in an accidental drowning on Lake Michigan. During this recovery Conrad spent eight months in an institution due to his attempted suicide. Conrad’s search for identity was a time consuming process involving different stages, and despite the many conflict he endured, he was able to develop a new identity. The author uses characterization and conflict to convey the idea. Conrad was a type of person you would want to be like. He was a straight A student, amazing swimmer, very social, and just a fun person to be around. After Buck died, Con had changed. He felt guilt-ridden for the accident that he went through a depression and tired to commit suicide. He was in the hospital for eight months. Conrad felt like he couldn’t move on without Buck, but it happened, he couldn’t do anything. One month after he returned home he was lost. Con couldn’t even order off a menu, his father had to. Also, in the mornings, he was confused what to do first, shower dress, or brush his teeth. He felt like he had no reason to get up in the morning, he was worthless, useless. Conrad had become self-conscious. He looked in the mirror and felt ugly. His hair chopped, and a rash on his face. Even though Conrad felt Self-conscious and all, there were people that helped him get through this depression. His father, Calvin had always been there. Calvin went everyday to the hospital and helped him. Even when Con got into that fight with stillman because he was making fun of Buck, his father was very understanding and didn’t ground him. Calvin was actually proud that Con expressed his feelings. Also Dr Berger helped him. He got Conrad to express his

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