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CALVIN – Dustin Hoffman For Calvin I picked Dustin Hoffman. The reason why I picked him is because he plays a very good role in movies as a responsible parent and also can be funny . Movies he played in for that role are KramerVSKramer and Meet the Fockers. I feel like him being a father in the movie would represent him the best possible way because in KramerVSKramer he played a good role as a caring father who gets into fights with his wife and would always stand for his son over his wife which shoes his support. He could play the same role in Ordinary People as the caring father who will stand up for Conrad. He’s won 10 best leading actor awards and 9 best actor awards all of his awards he had a total of 71 awards CONRAD - Josh Hutcherson For Conrad I picked Josh Hutcherson because he plays a good role as a caring emotional teenager in movies such as the hunger games. I feel that he would be a good lead because of his emotions and shows that he can act like what he did in the hunger games. In hunger games he played a role where he had to fight for his life and that reflects on Conrad showing challenges he has to do to forget the past bout his brother and fight it off. Also it relates to him because in the hunger games he finds a girl that he falls in love with and he could also use that act in ordinary people BETH - Sandra Bullock I picked Sandra bullock to be Beth in the movie because i feel that she be the best actress for that lead and for the blind side she played as the mother which lead her to win best actress of the year award and i think even though in the blind side she played as the caring mother she could also play as the non caring mother. Only caring about herself and ignoring the fact that her son

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