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IKEA Background about IKEA company IKEA is a Swedish furniture retailer company was founded in 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad. He established his business as a gift from his father. At this time he was selling everything, pen, wallet and nylon stocking by door to door for his customers. In 1945 it was the first advertisement for IKEA by local newspaper. Year after year it is growing rapidly, until today which is becoming one of the largest furniture retailer. IKEA start to think in process to makes transportation of furniture less cost , risky and more easy. Employee they start to remove the legs of the table, which it makes the process of storage and transportation more easy and less cost. That makes IKEA to think to design the furniture to be flat pack. The concept of flat pack helps IKEA to lower the cost of storage and reduce the transportation damage. By 1963 , IKEA started to spread out by the first store outside of Sweden, which was in Norway. Then it’s grow rapidly in which penetrate EU region and it distributed stores in different countries. In 2008 , IKEA had around 285 stores in 36 countries, with additional 26 stores supposed to be opened in 2009. By the same years IKEA welcomed around 265 million visitors for stores and 450 million visitors for IKEA website. Low price is one of the basic concept for IKEA vision , this concept helps to make the customer want to buy from IKEA. In addition to low price strategy the keep with making wide range of well designed , and functional product which it is available for everyone. IKEA always trying to do everything a little better, a little simple, more efficiently and always cost effectively. Each unit in IKEA has an important role in creating low price with considering the designed and the quality. that helps IKEA to be able to provide low price and high quality with wide range of designed for the customers. IKEA
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