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Ford Motor Company was incorporated on June 16, 1903 and had grown to be one of the four most profitable automakers in the industry. Stakeholders include employees, customers, dealers, suppliers, investors, and communities. Internal stakeholders are motivated by company based outcomes. Investors, employees, suppliers, and dealers are more driven by profit than those external stakeholders focusing on the quality and price of the vehicle. The desires of the stakeholders do have common ground however; the end product/outcome is slightly different. For example the outcomes for the investors are to increase profits. Employees also are profit driven as to earning a living for their families. Another internal stakeholder group of dealers are also profit driven but are more concerned with the total amount of vehicles moved to customers. Internal stakeholders are motivated mostly by wants. External stakeholders are more focused on the needs rather than the wants. This can be explained by using several examples. The purpose of most automobiles is to make traveling from one place to another faster and more efficient. Take a moment to look at efficiency. Customers usually make a vehicle purchase around one every three to four years. Most customers are concerned with the quality of the vehicle to ensure the maximum amount of usage and also with the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. Common interest of stakeholders includes the following: credit availability, credit approvals, compliance, consumer education, customer privacy, identity theft, technology and process improvements and community. Ford has developed the “One Team approach; Ford has implemented a disciplined business plan process to regularly review our business environment, risks and opportunities.” (Sustainability Report 2010/11) Meetings are scheduled weekly to review all areas of the company.

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