Orcas in Captivity

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Orcas in Captivity Have you ever been to SeaWorld and watched the show they do with the Orcas? I bet you never fully paid attention to how depressed this wonderful animals looks, because you aren't focused on how they feel only how you do. SeaWorld has 23 Orcas placed in three different parks in America. Overall there is 55 known Orcas in captivity in the world, and there is known to 144 Orcas that have been taken from the wild, and most of them are dead now due to being in captivity. Keeping orcas in captivity is bad for health reasons, because it causes stress problems they would never have when living in the wild. How do you feel being in a closed off area for the majority of your day? Most people hate being closed off just to a certain area, us as humans can do something about it.. but the orcas in captivity cannot due to the over ruling of the trainer and their new life. SeaWorld keeps these wonderful wild animals in small tanks, without being able to feel free or even swim. Orcas can swim up to 100 miles every day when being in the wild, and what captured they are unable to do this, the tank to the Orcas are like the size of a bathtub. The Orcas living their life at SeaWorld would have to swim around the main attraction pool about 1,900 times to just get the same distance of what they would in the wild. Tilikum is a Orca who has spent his whole life in captivity at the Sealand in B.C Canada and SeaWorld of Orlando since the age of 2. Tilikum is male and measures to 22.5 feet (6.9 m) long and weighs 12,000 pounds (wikipedia,2014). He is the largest orca in captivity, and just think about the little space he has due to his size. These type of animals need space to thrive, but they could hardly move for 14 hours a day. Each night three whales were squeezed into a tiny covered pool every night which was very dark. These tanks were hardly big enough for

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