Orca vs Killer Whale

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The movie Blackfish made by Gabriela Cowperwaite is a documentary about an orca named Tilikum held captive by SeaWorld (a chain of marine theme parks) and Tilikum's former trainers. The documentary made by Mrs. Cowperwaite, on an interview she explained how she became interested in Tilikum’s story was because of the violent death of Tilikum's trainer Dawn Brancheau killed by SeaWorld’s orca Tilikum. Confused with Dawn's death Gabriela decided to look into the matter further. In her discoveries she went ahead to document by film the goings on at SeaWorld that are not seen when the park is open for business, that would make a person second guess supporting the chain of oceanariums. By making the parents aware of the origins and the living conditions of the great orcas, figuring out the reasons why the death of the lovable trainers occurred is the movie’s main purpose. The documentary Blackfish was filmed then on January 19, 2013, then picked up by Magnolia Pictures and CNN for a broader release. The structure of the film helps meet its purpose by giving us a keen view of how life was as an orca with compilations of live clips of the whale’s day-to-day activities as well as exchanged conversations and emotional interviews of the former trainers. Gabriela Cowperwaite was absolutely rhetorically effective by using all three elements of rhetoric appeals. She succeeded in getting me to think analytically as well as inversely about orcas and going to SeaWorld in general. While watching the emotional film I felt sympathy for the intelligent, sentient creatures being held undeserving imprisoned. As well as unsettled, the thought of these mammals being snatched away from family and their children and enslaved to do tricks for fish. With orcas being so friendly and harmless to humans in the wild, then to attack humans because they are suffering from psychosis in captivity

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