Oration Essay

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Dominique Martin 3/22/13 4B WT 1: Funeral Oration I come to you on this day that some may see as a time to weep because they feel as though they have lost an important part of their life and they are unable to get it back, sort of like a child would weep over their favorite terra-cotta doll as if they were unable to find it and knew they would never be united with it again, to let you know that today is a time to rejoice and celebrate the lives of the many who lost theirs to so bravely fight for this country and its many riches that are being discovered within her everyday and I know most of you are looking at each other and saying what does this tongue-tied man speak of when he says “her”. Doesn’t he know I have lost something so dearest to me and he would rather talk about some strumpet or promiscuous woman, but you have to understand when I speak of “her” I am merely talking about the motherland that we so cherish. These men have gave their lives to fight for what they believed in and for that these men should be honored and cherished for their acts of heroism and if any of these men had any demons or imperfections that were looked upon as flaws while they were alive, may they be outnumbered by the many great acts of heroism that were used to so help shape “her”. These men went out every day to battle not worrying or knowing if their lives would be took on this day or that day. Instead they kept their spirits high in hopes to create a better future for the many who are here in attendance today and for many generations to come. So with that being said don’t let these many men have died in vain. We as a country must come together as brothers and sisters during this time of heartache and find a spirit that was as high as these men in hopes of developing a better future for this country that we so love and cherish as if it were like a new born child who we
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