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Poetry Analysis Jeannine Yeager ENG125: Introduction to Literature Julie Pal-Agrawal March 12, 2012 Poetry Analysis of “ORANGES” The poem “Oranges” by Gary Soto is a poem about first love, young love. Most of Gary Soto’s poetry defines living in the agricultural areas of Central California and being Mexican-American. The struggles and experiences of the farm hands as they travel from farm to farm searching for work and not having enduring relationships because of all the moving around, these themes are all over Mr. Soto’s work. The poem “Oranges” shows the impact of this life style. When the young man who is narrating the poem first takes his girlfriend for a walk and they go to a store, the girl picks out a chocolate that costs…show more content…
I enjoyed the way that Mr. Soto described the weather and the lovely girl that he first held hands with and the way the candy was tiered in the store. Also, the rhythm flowed nicely throughout the whole poem. Poetry that rhymes and flows easily holds my attention more than poetry that doesn’t rhyme. As stated before, Gary Soto writes mostly about Mexican-American culture and the farming industry in central California but what I enjoyed about “Oranges” is the description of the first love of this young man and how he impressed the girl he was with when he used an orange to help buy the chocolate that she picked out. It reminded me of myself in my youth when my first love gave me a hand drawn picture of on oriole that he drew for me for Valentine’s Day. It was beautiful and it conveyed to me that he felt I was as special as I thought this young man was. This poem really touched my heart and brought back wonderful memories and that is exactly what poems should do. They should bring out the emotions that people feel when they read the poem. I will probably read more of Gary Soto’s work based on this poem and the style that Mr. Soto uses to express his

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