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Oral Presentation Yr 12 Essay

  • Submitted by: gur0001
  • on May 31, 2014
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On an ordinary day when we would see a cockroach or a small insect walking across the kitchen floor, the first and only thing that would flash into our mind is to get our hands on an insecticide and kill that blameless insect. From these little innocent insects in our homes we have moved to killing cows, pigs and turkeys to fulfil our dinner plates because we specifically farm them for food, therefore cause no change to the environment. What more do we now desire? What more do we human beings now desire? Last but definitely not lucky; the abundance killing of apex predators of the marine, SHARKS, not for food but for the threat they pose to us. We all know that we do not farm sharks for any means than why cull them and completely abolish the very few numbers left of them?

The Western Australian government, run by the premier Colin Barnett, has commenced the shark cull policy due to the occurrence of recent shark attacks on people. 72 drum lines or baited hooks have been placed one kilometre from the coastline of Western Australia’s eight most popular beaches. Any sharks or other marine animals that will get caught on the baited hooks and are longer than three metres will be shot and killed. It is more devastating that they will only be monitored for 12 hours per day.   What about the other 12 hours? Any animal could get caught in these hideous hooks and die in an inhume way, suffering from pain and just left bleeding to death. This policy includes performing such actions that are cruel, vicious and very harsh to the marine biodiversity near the coast of Western Australia’s most popular beaches. Boat patrols and professional shark hunters have the permission under this discreditable policy to catch and kill sharks as well as other marine animals measuring over three metres.

This shark cull policy has to be ceased. This is just unnecessary, utterly appalling and unjust treatment of revenge and I know no one would disagree! It will distract the aquatic food...

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