Oral Presentation on Drink Driving

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Issue: Drink Driving, Lowering the Blood Alcohol Concentration limit to at least 0.02. Intro: The topic I will be discussing today is a problem that occurs not only on Australian roads, but on roads worldwide. It is the topic of drink driving. I will be arguing why the Australian government should lower the Blood Alcohol Concentration limit to at least 0.02 for full licenced drivers. Drink Driving is a serious offence that has MANY negative outcomes to it. Not only are you at risk of losing your licence, affecting day to day tasks and also receiving a heavy fine, but you are also putting yourself, your passengers and any person’s life, who is on the road, in DANGER. Paragraph 1: Each year on Victorian roads, approximately a quarter of drivers are killed or injured from drink driving related incidents where the driver has had a Blood Alcohol Concentration level of at least 0.05 or greater. According to the Transport Accident Commission, with a blood alcohol concentration limit of 0.05, the driver is already doubling their chance to be involved in an accident. At 0.08 it is seven times the risk. At 0.15, it is 25 times the risk. Statistics from the Transport Accident Commission have also shown that drink driving is most common between the ages of 17 to 25, promoting my main ARGUMENT that a person’s Blood Alcohol Concentration level should be at least 0.02 which would significantly reduce the chance of an accident. Paragraph 2: Drinking Alcohol has a serious effect on our bodies. Drivers who drink alcohol before driving can be left with a loss of memory, blurred vision, slow reflexes, and lack of concentration and can also lead to dizziness. Drinking alcohol also increases self-confidence, which can lead the driver to feeling strong and invincible (LIKE SUPERMAN) . Do you really want to be in a car with

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