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Oral Presentation Best Practices Essay

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  • on June 29, 2012
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Learning Team PowerPoint Presentation Outline


August 8, 2011

Oral Presentation Best Practices
  I. Introduction
  A. The power to persuade people to care about a certain topic is crucial to business success.
  B. Making a good oral presentation is more than good delivery: it involves developing a strategy that fits the audience, purpose, having interesting content, and organizing material in an effective manner.
  II. Purpose/Strategy
        A. Purposes of oral presentations have three basic purposes
              1. Informative presentations provide information to the audience
              2. Persuasive presentations motivate or persuade the audience
              3. Goodwill presentations provide entertainment for the audience
        A. Strategies of oral presentations
              1. Keep the information simple
              2. Analyze the audience and discuss the topic with the potential audience
              3. Consideration of physical conditions such as location and time
  I. Choosing/Organizing Information
        A. Choosing Information
              1. Key points and supporting facts only. No opinions.
              2. Retain control of the presentation, no information unrelated.
        A.   Organizing Information
              1. All words/bullet points grouped together. Pictures/Graphs together.
              2.   Slides should seem to have some type of order (chronological, alphabetical, etc,)
  I. Delivering an affective presentation
        B. Dealing with Fear
              1. Be prepared. Analyze your audience, organize your thoughts, prepare visual aids, practice your opener and close, and check out the arrangements.
              2. Show up early and verify that your equipment works properly, do not assume that your presentation will work fine on another computer, and turn off screen saver.
        B. Six steps to becoming an effective presenter
              1. Practice. Find a way to read and...

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