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Writing Assignment 4- Oral Presentation Memo A successful oral presentation means transfer of information or a message to an audience. Making a good oral presentation is an art that involves attention to the needs of your audience, careful planning, and attention to delivery. Making a presentation is a way of communicating your thoughts and ideas to an audience. How to prepare an oral presentation? * Planning * Know your subject. * Know your audience. * Develop a theme. * Make notes before you start on computer. * List the key concepts and points to convey. * Begin to think about ways of illustrating the key points. * The structure * Opening- Tell them what you are going to tell them (Strong beginning). * Body – Tell them (Content with problem, solution, benefits, and action). * Summary – Tell them what you told them (Closing). * Design, fonts, and colors * Use simple and effective power point slides according to your subject. * Use one point, keep it simple; Do not put too much information on the slide. * Use an image or a chart with one main point; do not use both together. * Use simple fonts and colors that audience can understand and see easily. * Use solution design with strong layout according to the problem. * Use an example with images and animations to help explain difficult points and generate interest. * Use a contrast in font size to lead audience from the most important to the least important text. * Visuals * Visuals should be closely integrated with and supportive of your main points. * They should be simple and easy to understand. * Make sure that everyone in the room can see the visual. * Tie your words to the visual with gestures to keep the viewers’ eyes fixed on the visual. * Give the audience a few seconds to absorb visuals before

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