Oral Conversation Topics Essay

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Home Pets 1. Do you have a pet? 2. Do you want to own a pet? 3. What pet? Why? Answers: 1. No, I do not have a pet. 2. Yes, I want to own a pet. 3. I want to own a dog. I would want to spend time with it. Values: 1. We should not abuse animals. Television Programs 1. Do you watch television on a daily basis? Answers: 1. I do not watch television on a daily basis as I do not want to be addicted to the television programs, but I do watch television occasionally. When I do so, I would watch television programs from channels such as National Geographic, Discovery Channel and History channel. This channels broadcasts programs regarding science, how things works and history. From programs in this genre, I can gain extra knowledge regarding subjects like the history of ancient China so on and so forth. Even though I feel that watching television on a daily basis is a little too much, I think everyone should have a fair share of time in front of the television as a form of relaxation. As the saying goes, “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.” Personal experience/facts: 1. My personal experiences from watching television is that I get to know about current affairs and this expands my knowledge. Values: 1. I get to know what is happening around the world by watching the news. Siblings/parents 1. Do you have siblings? 2. What do you and your siblings do in your free time? Answers: 1. Yes, I do have a sibling and he is studying in secondary school. Although he is older than me, we both have common grounds to fall on. He also takes time out to converse with me from his busy schedule. Even though we do have occasional disagreement throughout our life, we have learnt to accept each other’s opinion on different subjects. 2. Although my sibling and I have an age difference, we both have common

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