Optional Belonging

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Hell is other people Every people in the world have their own groups, surroundings and friends to communicate and share themselves. It can be school friends, class mates, kinships, nationalities, and any other kinds that gather people within the its border. In this circle, everyone shares what is in common and communicate the others, in that circle, easily. But who are the remaining, the others, outside the circle? How can you communicate the in spite of their different and unacceptable view of life. And what would happen if the others don’t accept your idea and thoughts? Once the belonging is an identity. If one does not belong any of those separate groups and circle, in short his life, counted for nothing. And, in the real life, it is…show more content…
No-one, nevertheless, can join whatever belongings he wants owing to the fact that limited resources such as time and money. Then there arises a need to choose the options which is more suitable or more comfortable for their situation and life style. The optional belonging is another critical factor to choose who will be the allies and who will be the enemies. And there remains also the majority whose believes are completely different and conflict with yours and they will try to assert their identity to you. People who share the same allegiance sympathize; they all gather together, join forces, encourage one another and challenge the other side. But what is the most important is the most identities aren’t given once and for all; it is built and changes throughout the person’s lifetime. More can be flexible, more belongings will have. Nonetheless, even the perfect flexibility cannot belong all of them. For instance, in the film named Zelig, just like the most people want, Leonard Zelig wants to be part of all the different kind of societies, Black, Asian, American Indian, German nazist and all the others, at the same time. He tries to turn “the others” to his alliance group and he starts to imitates all them, all the characters, specialties, whatever they are doing. On the other hand, the whole society considers his such a bizarre behaviors just as a new mental illness or psychiatric disorder and tries to cure his illness. Because whole society just accepts the unwritten “fundamental rule”, one must be belong the minority, us, against the majority, others, and conform it obediently. And the Zelig’s chameleon character, of course, does not comply with the rule; consequently his inconsistent character has considered very extraordinary for
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