Optimum Wellness Essay

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Optimum Wellness There are many factors to gaining optimal health and wellness. For starters, many people think that health and wellness is just being disease free and being in good shape, but health and wellness goes much deeper than that. You are about to learn about the top three elements, environmental, spiritual and intellectual health that needs to be focused more in our society. Find out about how to maintain a healthy and well-balanced nutrition and fitness plan, learn about what you could be at risk for, and strategies for preventing diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Also, learn about the environmental effects on health and how the environment has dangers around every corner that could affect us. Lastly, learn ways to protect and enhance our immune system, so that it is possible to gain the optimal in health and wellness. Collectively, there is a larger focus on spiritual, environmental and intellectual health in our society. On the environmental level, our resources are disappearing quickly, but with modern technology and social media, more and more individuals are getting involved by sharing ideas and options on recycling. According to an organization that calls themselves DoSomething.org (2014), the average person generates over four pounds of trash daily, of which 75% is recyclable, but as a whole we only recycle 30% of it. The website offers support for young people to get involved in helping to protect the environment. Spiritually, we all have different belief systems, but we agree that when children are exposed to the beliefs of others, they can grow with an open mind and have tolerance for many things in life. Providing educational information at a young age, regardless of the topic, helps children understand their responsibilities as they grow older. And it improves their self-esteem and makes
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