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Optimum Time And Power Combination For Popcorn Essay

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n Design of Experiments
A Report on
Optimum time and Power Combination for popcorn preparation and consumer taste preference

Instructor |
Dr.Changxu Wu |

Sanket Jadhav
Dhairyashil Patil
Piyush Deshmukh
Rohit Wah
Vishal Sale

There are several brands of microwavable popcorn commercially available. The popcorn manufacturers recommend time to cook the popcorn in the oven. But it has been observed that these recommendations sometimes do not yield favorable results. Popcorns are typically made in household microwave which has number of power settings.   This study is intended to find out the optimum combination of time (140sec 150sec 160sec 170sec) and power level (80%, 100%) in the process of making popcorn. Also, consumer taste preference was evaluated using subjective analysis to find out the taste preference for popcorns made from these different combinations. The combination of time and power of 150 seconds and 100% is found to be most suitable in terms of the popcorn quality and taste is concerned. The 160 seconds and 100% power combination produced less number of un-popped corns.
Popcorn is the number 1 snack food in the world and runs a close second in the United States to potato chips. Popcorn is eaten in virtually every country in the world. Out of every 100, 99 people have eaten popcorn. Americans eat over 1 billion pounds of popcorn each year, or 70 quarts for every man, woman and child in the U.S., enough to fill the Empire State Building 20 times. In the U.S., popcorn is the most popular snack food eaten at home; beating potato chips, pizza, cookies and candy bars. Ready-to-eat popcorn is the fastest growing segment of the overall popcorn market, with flavored popcorn products representing the fastest growing sub-segment. Ready-to-eat popcorn has now become a multi-billion dollar market worldwide.
Americans consume, on average, 58 quarts of pop corn per year, per person. In 2001, Americans consumed more...

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