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(1.)“What is an Optician?” An Optician also referred to as a dispensing optician adjusts and or fits eyeglasses to particular patients eyes / face. These prescriptions are written and by an optometrist or opthalmologist. Opticians look over and then interpret prescription as well as figure out from the patient what they are using the eyeglasses for. Then they are able to figure out what eyeglasses are best for that specific patient. The patients personal design preference, level of activity and facial features also effects the outcome of the eyeglasses. Opticians provide eye measurements to insure correct lens placement in the eyeglasses’ frame. Such measurements taken are the distance from the lens to the eye surface or how far from pupil to pupil. A lensometer is also used in many cases for such a task. They also are expected to double check there accuracy of the finished product. Many opticians may actually manufacture or grind lenses from raw materials such as Polycarbonate in what is referred to as an Edger. This will provide a correct lens placement. In some states an Optician can also fit contact lenses. (2.) “Many dispensing opticians, after additional education and training, specialize in contact lens fitting, artificial eyes, or cosmetic shells to cover blemished eyes. To fit contact lenses, opticians must measure the shape and size of the eye, determine the type of contact lens material, such as Polycarbonate or Crown Glass and prepare order forms providing the prescription and lens size. Fitting contact lenses requires skill, care, and patience. Dispensing opticians observe customers’ eyes, corneas, lids, and contact lenses with specialized instruments and microscopes. After many follow-up visits, opticians teach proper contact lenses procedure. “ Certain education and training are required to become an optician. (3.) A high school

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