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Optic Essay

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Telecommun Syst (2013) 54:203–214 DOI 10.1007/s11235-013-9728-8

The design and implementation of a future Internet live TV system over 4G networks
Hsing-Shao Liu · Chia-Hui Wang · Ray-I Chang

Published online: 11 July 2013 © Springer Science+Business Media New York 2013

Abstract The emerging 4G (fourth generation) networks featuring wider coverage, higher transmission bandwidth and easier deployment have a desirable potential to serve ubiquitous and pervasive multimedia applications in creating new user-centric communication services. However, the practical implementation of 4G network to demonstrate such potential, especially for delivering real-time and highquality video services, is scarce. This paper therefore provides the design and implementation of a future Internet live TV system over 4G networks to achieve cost-effectiveness, instead of using expensive satellite news gathering (SNG) vehicle and costly satellite transmissions in traditional TV stations. To effectively provide live TV services, we apply not only the hybrid duplex modes but also the portbased VLAN on the deployed networks for maximizing bandwidth, minimizing signal interference, and guaranteeing QoS of differentiated services. Performance metrics are applied to demonstrate that the proposed solution is costeffective and is feasible for live TV services in future Internet.

Keywords Future Internet · 4G networks · Live TV system · Satellite news gathering (SNG) service · VLAN

1 Introduction In this paper, we introduce a novel live TV system to demonstrate the capability and the potential of the 4G (fourth generation) network [1, 24] for real-time multimedia applications in future Internet [5]. Richer multimedia content with a more ubiquitous access channel is an inevitable tendency towards future Internet services. By virtue of the advanced communication technologies, multimedia applications such as IPTV (Internet TV) service are possible to be delivered over wireless networks....

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