Ops 571 Week 5

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Statistical Process Improvement Over the past five weeks, I have collected data from the process chosen in week one. This process was getting my son and me ready for school and work. This process includes pressing the snooze on the alarm, Zumba workout, showering, doing my hair, making breakfast and lunch, waking and dressing my son, getting myself dressed and running frantically out the house. This data was recorded in the amount of time each task takes to complete. This paper allows the discussion of the discoveries on the collection of data on this given process. Over time, the collection of data allowed me to identify bottleneck that altered the process time. By identifying bottlenecks, it allowed me look at opportunities to achieve the optimal time for this process. This data allow the process control over a specific task that is performed at least five times per week. Control over a process ensures that it is performed at its maximal potential. In this case of the collection of data, research was done on other process changes or eliminations that could improve the overall task. Once bottlenecks were identified, process improvements took its place. “A bottleneck is a constraint within the system that limits throughput” (Chase, Jacobs & Aquilano pg. 725). . Process improvements take certain tasks and steps and make the run smoothly and efficiently. Process improvement is an aspect of organizational development. These changes are usually accompanied with a strategy in order to create success. I saw many opportunities to change this process, after the end of this class. My approach to the process improvement was to define, review, identify, verify and execute an approach to optimize an approach to my process. When I defined the scope of the process, I opened a window which I measured what a successful process would include; which is a saving time. The next
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